Xtract Nutanix Xtract

Application mobility for the multi-cloud enterprise

Simplify Application Mobility

Nutanix Xtract accelerates the adoption of hybrid cloud using Nutanix Enterprise OS by providing application mobility services, by automating the mundane and cumbersome steps required to manually move or rebuild VMs or blueprints on the AHV environment. Xtract automates “lift and shift” VM migrations and applies the best practices needed for optimal performance, saving significant time and effort resulting in huge cost savings.

of users said that the ability to move easily
between clouds is a requirement.

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  • Simple 1-Click migrations from ESX, Hyper-V* and AWS*
  • Integrated with Nutanix Calm
  • Eliminates manual and error-prone repetitive tasks
  • Near-zero service outage, with full cutover control
  • No additional licensing needed to use with Nutanix

Simple VM Migrations

Adopting new infrastructure platforms often require organizations to migrate existing workloads against tight timelines. Nutanix Xtract simplifies this process with infrastructure-level bulk VM migrations, removing the friction associated with onboarding new infrastructure, and enabling businesses to quickly leverage the full potential of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, with near-zero VM or application service outage during migrations.

Xtract provides granular, project based control via an easy to use UI for automated workload migrations in a simple three-step process.

Select the source

User can specify the source cluster where the VMs need to be moved from - Nutanix Xtract supports both ESX and Hyper-V* for the private cloud and AWS* for the public cloud.

Define the migration plan and seeding

Once the source VM’s have been identified and put in a migration plan. The VM’s get replicated through a efficient seeding mechanism to the target AHV cluster.

Migrate with minimal downtime

Non-disruptive replication of VMs via VMware’s VADP ensures consistent and efficient replication. Whether VMs are powered up or off, they are kept up-to-date until ready to cutover.


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